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See Christine Wallace, quarter finalist of the Great British Bake Off demonstrating some favourite war time recipes.

I am delighted to be taking part in this wonderful event and to be running the ‘wartime kitchen’

where you can come and see me demonstrate some original recipes from the era!

Quantities permitting you will be able to taste at the end of each session!

We shall be showing what people had to live on with the severe rationing that was in place and

how they managed to keep healthy and still eat moderately well!

I shall be cooking:- Lord Woolton Pie, Spam Fritters with bubble & Squeak and Wartime Tea Bread. (Click on the underlined name to be taken to my recipe page.)

We will also have in the tent:

Pieces of original kitchen equipment.

Examples of ration books, identity cards and evacuee tickets

Posters from that time.

Wartime memories from Olive Wallace who is now in her late eighties.

If YOU have any memories you would like to share I would love to include them!

Please forward them to:


Below are some snippets of “MEMORIES  OF   WORLD  WAR  2” by Olive  Wallace D.O.B. 17.01.1930

Come to the WW2 kitchen tent to see the full transcripts, samples of WW2 posters and other memorabilia

My first memory of the War was of my sister, brother and I

playing in the garden of our Victorian house in Gillingham Kent

when my mother  called for us to come indoors. Wondering what

she wanted we ran in to find my father standing by the radio

listening to a man talking on the radio.

It was Neville Chamberlain announcing to the country the


As time went on we got to know the sound of the enemy planes,

the engine sound was so different from the Spitfires etc and we

could always tell when the enemy was overhead.  

Within a week our Anderson Shelter was delivered, a big corrugated shelter

that needed a huge hole to put it in. I can’t think that my father dug this hole

as it was so enormous so there must have been others to help him.When it

was finally sited it was then covered with all the soil that had been taken out.

We immediately knew that it was a Doodle Bug, in other words a plane without a

pilot and packed with high explosives which would fall to earth to explode and kill.

Doreen and I immediately flung ourselves into the nearest bushes and just hoped

that it wasn’t going to fall on us or our families.

There was great jubilation in the streets with parties, singing and dancing…

so much joy, so much happiness, the end of the war to end all wars we hoped,

and peace for evermore, or so it was thought. So sad to think that so many

people had to die for a dream of peace which has still yet to come.