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Exhibitors & Displays

Below are shown some of the exhibitors, entertainers and displays that will be here at Mapledurham

this year, be amazed at the variety and detail of all who attend at this not to miss event.

US groups

3d B. 506 PIR. Porraying the 3rd Battalion 506 parachute infantry regiment 101st division.

Blue Jackets lhg 10x5. United States Navy. Home of the brave. Portraying the 502nd battalion, 101st airborne.

Screaming Eagles LHG. Portraying the Now thats jive. 1940's music and dancing all day in the marquee.


All pre 1945. RAF Hillman Minx, Willys and Ford jeeps, James ML light motorcycle, Royal Enfield Motorcycle,

Austin 7, Dennis fire engine, Ford WOT2. As well as the multitude of Allied and Axis vehicles with the living

history display. Hopefully a Sherman tank will be with us if its restoration is complete.

German groups

FJR2 and FJR6 ‘Green Devils’ portraying the German paratroops.

Volksstrum V-3, portraying the the last line of defence of Berlin in 1945.

Wehrmact 44, the typical German soldier in 1944.  The SBG, portraying the Waffen SS elite forces.

UK groups

Wiltshire home guard. "Dads army" west country home guard unit.

ARP post 27. Air raid wardens in an authentic air raid post.

Multi period

82nd Airborne LHG. Portraying the 505th regiment in country, Vietnam.

Strolling re-enactors

Deco in style. RAF. The Baker St boys. British regular army. 30 AU. British commandos

FFL LHG.Free French army


Upottery LHG. 101st airborne division and USAAF

Military canoe MK78. Canoe used by the British in the war against Japan

Home of the Brave LHG, 502nd parachute infantry 101st airborne.

Vintage music of the forties provided by the LuLaLas